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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Repertoire
  • Genre: Psychedelic
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An impressive debut established Spooky Tooth as one of the foremost outfits in the new wave ofBritish bands that emerged at the end of the Sixties.Born from the ashes of the VIPs and Art, the group featured the powerful vocals of Mike Harrison andbrilliant keyboard playing and singing of American artist Gary Wright. Together with Luther Grosvenor(guitar), Greg Ridley (bass) and Mike Kellie (drums), they made an effective team whose music reflecteda calmer, more soulful approach than was evident from the previous generation of R&B groups.'It's All About' (1968) features some ten tracks from the original album, including covers of 'TobaccoRoad', Janis Ian's 'Society's Child' and Bob Dylan's 'Too Much Of Nothing'.Gary Wright wrote the bulk of the original material and we have added seven bonus items, includingthe singles tracks 'Sunshine Help Me' and 'The Weight'.
  1. Society;s Child
  2. Love Really Changed Me
  3. Here I Lived So Well
  4. Too Much Of Nothing
  5. Sunshine Help Me
  6. It;s All About A Roundabout
  7. Tobacco Road
  8. It Hurts You So
  9. Forget It I Got It
  10. Bubbles
  11. Sunshine Help Me
  12. Weird
  13. Love Really Changed Me (Mono Version)
  14. Luger;s Groove
  15. The Weight
  16. Do Right People
  17. Bubbles (Mono Version)