cliff bennett: live on air 1964-1970
  • cliff bennett

  • live on air 1964-1970 (3 CD)

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  • Format: CD
  • Label: London Calling
  • Genre: 60s Garage / Surf / RnB
  • A collection of live performances, broadcast on BBC radio
  • Full colour booklet with background liners and rare images
  • Digitally remastered for greatly enhanced sound quality
  • Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers, with his band, and as Toe Fat, live on air, between 1964 and 1970.

    Cliff Bennett and his Rebel Rousers were the musician’s band. Aside from the Lennon/McCartney friendship, iconic names such as Chas Hodges, Nicky Hopkins and Joe Meek all played a key part in the development of, and story behind one of Britain’s best-loved soul bands of the 1960s. They were a hugely popular club act and as such, were invited to record for the BBC numerous times from 1965 to 1967. Bennett continued recording sessions up until 1970 when Bennett formed his new band Toe Fat. The volume of material recorded for these sessions is testimony to the boundless energy and talent of Cliff Bennett and the bands behind him.

    London Calling proudly presents Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers, His Band and Toe Fat, live in session from London 1964-1970. Professionally re-mastered original broadcast recordings with background liners and period photos.

    Track Listing:

      DISC 1:

      As Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers


      18th December

    • Don't Put Me Down Like This
    • On Way Love (With Interview)
    • You Make Me Happy
    • 1965

      26th February

    • I'll Take You Home (with interview)
    • Getting Mighty Crowded
    • I Can't Stand It
    • 19th March

    • Do You Love Him
    • Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
    • 30th April

    • Good News
    • Three Rooms With Running Water (with interview)
    • Baby Baby Baby
    • 26th July

    • Try It Baby (with interview)
    • Crazy About My Baby
    • Baby Baby Baby
    • 24th September

    • Do The Boomerang
    • I Have Cried My Last Tear (with interview)
    • Maggie's Farm
    • 22nd October

    • Out Of Sight
    • Waiting At The Station (with interview)
    • My Sweet Woman
    • 1966

      21st January

    • Shake and Finger Pop
    • Who's Cheating Who? (with interview)
    • Waiting At The Station
    • 4th March

    • Need Your Loving Tonight
    • You Can't Love Em All (with interview)
    • Whole Lotta Woman
    • 13th May

    • Your Love Is like A See-Saw
    • Ain't Love Good, Ain't Love Proud (with interview)
    • DISC 2:

      13th May

    • Close The Door
    • 22nd July

    • S.O.S.
    • Hold On I'm Coming (with interview)
    • See See Rider
    • 23rd September

    • Stop Look And Listen
    • Got To Get You Into My Life (with interview)
    • Barefootin'
    • 16th December

    • Never Knew Loving Could Be So Doggone Good (with interview)
    • It's A Wonder
    • You Don't Know Like I Know
    • 1967

      3rd February

    • Ease Me Baby
    • Never Knew Loving Could Be So Doggone Good (with interview)
    • I Take What I Want
    • 3rd March

    • I'll Take Good Care Of You
    • I Take What I Want
    • 16th June

    • You Got It Made
    • Use Me
    • Soothe Me
    • 1968

      As Cliff Bennett and His Band

      31st May

    • One More Heartache
    • You're Breaking Me Up (with interview)
    • Stop
    • 30th August

    • Good Times
    • Iron Out The Rough Spots
    • The Letter
    • 18th October

    • One More Heartache
    • Where You Gonna Run To
    • I Got You Babe
    • 1969

      24th January

    • Back In The USSR
    • DISC 3:

    • Danger Zone
    • I Take What I Want
    • 22nd August

    • Born To Be Wild
    • Memphis Street (with interview)
    • I'm Yours And I'm Hers
    • 1970

      As Toe Fat

      20th March

    • That's My Love For You
    • Bad Side Of The Moon
    • Turns Out Like The Rest
    • 3rd April

    • I Done Told Ya
    • 8th May

    • The Idol
    • Gone
    • 30th October

    • Three Time Loser
    • Midnight Sun