cactus: long island ny 1971
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  • long island ny 1971 (CD)

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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Klondike
  • Genre: Rock / Pop

Originally cast as a super group, Cactus wasthe brainchild of Long Island boys TimBogert and Carmine Appice, two ferociouslytalented players who had cut their musicalteeth in psychedelic heavies Vanilla Fudgewith Atlantic records in the late sixties.

Addressing a small invited audience in UltraSonic Studios in their native Long Island, theband plunged into their past three albumsdelivering a blitzkrieg, pronouncing theiraffection for boogie with an electrifying demeanour.

This performance also signalled the closureof a chapter in the Cactus story with McCarty and Day leaving shortly after and before recording took place for the fourth album Ot’ ‘N’ Sweaty in 1972.

Klondike has captured a unique facet ofheavy blues-rock with the WLIR-FMbroadcast recorded at Ultra Sonic Studios in Long Island, January 1971. Exposing a robust powerhouse performance delivered from a profoundly underrated band whogiven their lack of reflective prose andmelodic depth, held all the goodies in the bag with the amps turned up high.

Track listing:

  1. Evil
  2. Rums
  3. Evil Band Introductions
  4. Brother Bill
  5. Oleo
  6. No Need To Worry
  7. Token Chokin’
  8. Big Mama Boogie – Part I (incl. Mona)
  9. Big Mama Boogie – Part II