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  • Format: LP
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  • Genre: Psychedelic


In 1968 an album by The Family of Apostolic was released on Vanguard Records – and a lot of Recorded in 1969 by an NYC-based hippie group, comprising ex-members of The Family Of Apostolic, a long lost psychedelic folk-rock gem sees its first ever vinyl release! Featuring gorgeous male and famale vocals and virtuoso playing, the songs (originals mostly!) reveal influences from the British late '60s folk boom, Middle-Eastern music and traditional US genres s.a. bluegrass.

It’s a real folk-rock-gem combining a variety of styles – in the end that’s not surprising because in a way it’s the follow-up to John Townley’s wonderfully eclectic “Family of Apostolic”-double-LP, released on Vanguard/Apostolic in 1968. The basic idea of Ocean was to go a step further than the Family of Apostolic by having a performing band behind the album. But after the recording the band fell apart and the album remained on the shelf.

The master tape was lost when the Apostolic Studios went under in 1970 – but John Townley rescued a mono reference copy of the final mix which you have here.

The LP includes and insert with liner notes and archival photos. Limited to 300 copies.

Track Listing:

  • Can't Stay Inside 02:23
  • The World is Big 03:04
  • Rampé 03:06
  • Every Day 02:29
  • That's the Way It is 03:24
  • Shellneck Slim and Grim 02:22
  • Reuben's Train 04:34
  • The Left Behind 03:33
  • There is a Time 04:07
  • The River Rats 02:55
  • In the Beginning 02:31