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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Wah Wah
  • Genre: Progressive

Rontheo is one of the rarest folk rock LPs to come out of the kraut scene of the seventies. Formed by Canadian RON di Tomaso and German THEO Busch it has become one of the most coveted pieces among collectors and afficionados. Wah Wah records is proud to announce at least an official vinyl reissue, made from the original master tapes and with the help & cooperation from both Ron & Theo themselves! When Theo Busch and Ronnie di Tomaso first met in 1975 it was immediately clear that Theo's violin playing matched magically with Ron's guitar and voice. In 1976 they produced one of the most lovely folk rock LPs of the era, a delicious orgy of acoustic guitars cleverly punctuated by electric acid guitar riffs and Theo's violin bits. Now fetching obscene amounts of money among collectors, it is here reissued in vinyl now for the first time for the enjoyment of folk rock lovers and listeners of rare euro lost gems like Emtidi or Subway.
Side A:
1. Music (Ronnie di Tomaso)
2. Live! (Ronnie di Tomaso)
3. Lady From Heaven (Ronnie di Tomaso)
4. Do It Again (Theo Busch / Thomas Schmidt)
5. By The Side Of A Clear Crystal Fountain (Music by Ronnie di Tomaso, lyrics : trad., arranged by Peter Mr).
Side B:
1. Zyclus (Theo Busch)
2. Although It's Fine (Ronnie di Tomaso)
3. Clouds Everywhere (Ronnie di Tomaso)
4. Tomorrow Will Know (Ronnie di Tomaso)."