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benoit widemann: stress!
  • benoit widemann

  • stress! (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Svart
  • Genre: Progressive

A Svart Mondo release. Black vinyl, 500 copies.

Stunning synth-heavy prog rock from ex-Magma/Heldon/Dan Ar Braz member. Free-jazz elements mixed with rocking synth and piano and drums, the album is a wildly eclectic fusion of atmosphere and moods. Joined by a whole menagerie of the French prog crème de la crème, such as musicians like Patrick Gauthier, Clément Bailly, Guy Delacroix, Jean-Pierre Fouquey, Bruno Menny, Benoit was a free-wheeling synthesizer demon. A cosmic caper of multifaceted dimensions with some real Heldon-esque and Magma vibes peppered throughout. This album is every bit as entertaining and delightful as the day it was released, a stellar example of the diversity of the synth-driven prog of the age. Now dusted off and refreshed with liner notes to head into another future.

Track listing:

  • A1 Baléze3:26
  • A2 Herbes sol6:51
  • A3 Stress !1:57
  • A4 Le camp du drap d’Or4:03
  • A5 Demi-final1:22
  • B1 Quaternaire5:54
  • B2 Spirale4:32
  • B3 Féte au septiéme plan – Sacrifice5:05
  • B4 Final – part one2:44
  • B5 Final – part two2:20