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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Radioactive
  • Genre: Psychedelic
Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, CrËme Soda generated a fanaticalfollowing based on their legendary single, (I'm) Chewin' Gum/Roses AllAround which appeared on the Trinity label in 1975.CrËme Soda are not an easy band to categorise as they were able to playvirtually any musical genre with consummate ease. Their only full-lengthalbum, Tricky Zingers (which also includes their "hit" singles), also madeits appearance on Trinity (Trinity CST11) in 1975 and despite theconsiderable interest the record generated, the band, perhaps mindful ofthe adage "quit while you're ahead", did exactly that, never to be heard ofagain.Tricky Zingers as an impressive and relatively over-looked recording,which, despite being recorded in 1975, has a decidedly mid-'60s feel aboutit. The 11 self-penned songs range from very good to brilliant, particularlyTonight, Keep It Heavy and Roses All Around. The album's style rangesfrom folkrock to wasted psychedelia, with 2 experimental tracks featuringdrone effects and backwards guitar thrown in for good measure, as are acouple of rootsy rock 'n' roll numbers.As one critic was moved to write "this is a major album worthy of a highqualityreissue. This is another band that lends credence to the theory thatthe very best psychedelia was made in the '70s". So here, then, is thereissue that the gentleman in question clearly craved. Anotherundiscovered gem given the Radioactive treatment!Track Listing1. Give It Up (Man)2. Tonight3. Numero Uno4. (I'm) Chewin' Gum5. The Nazz Are Blue6. Keep It Heavy7. Roses All Around8. And That Is That9. The Beat Song10. When The Sun Shines11. Daydreamin'