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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Universal/Polydor
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Official limited reissue on the Danish UNIVERSAL MUSIC
  • Formed in 1968, with a line-up of TORSTEN OLAFSSON (bass, vocals), FINN OLAFSSON (guitar, vocals), PETER MELLIN (organ, piano) and GLEN FISHER (drums and percussion), ACHE first came to attention in Denmark with their work DE HOMINE URBANO ("About Urban Man”) which was the first ever Rock ballet, performed by the Royal Danish Ballet Company in Copenhagen in 1969. Influenced by groups such as The Nice, Iron Butterfly and more, ACHE’s music was a powerful Psychedelic Progressive Rock driven by Peter Mellin’s powerful Hammond Organ and the fluid guitar playing of Finn Olafsson." ACHE’s second album, "GREEN MAN” was released in June 1971 in Europe and was arguably the band’s finest hour, featuring classics such as ‘Equatorial Rain’, ‘The Invasion’ and ‘Shadow of a Gypsy’." Hailed by JULIAN COPE in his on-line DANSKROCKSAMPLER, ACHE’s two albums for Philips are now hailed as Psych / Prog classics.

    Track Listing:

    • A1 Equatorial Rain
    • A2 Sweet Jolly Joyce
    • The Invasion

    • A3a Fanfaronade
    • A3b Invasion
    • A3c Monolouge
    • A3d Break-Down
    • A4 Shadow Of A Gipsy
    • B1 Green Man
    • B2 Acheron
    • B3 We Can Work It Out / Working