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  • old boot wine (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Timeless
  • Genre: Progressive

180g vinyl - deluxe heavy paste-on cover
Spirogyra were one of the bands of the late English folk revival that embraced progressive-rock and psychedelia. Their debut album, St Radigunds (B&C, 1971), was an innovative work, with Barbara Gaskin on vocals, Julian Cusack on violin, Martin Cockerham on guitar and Tony Cox on electronic keyboards. This sequel, Old Boot Wine was slightly less innovative and disruptive although the textures got thicker (cello, flute) and jazzier. It is, all the same, a precious item to collect on vinyl.

Track Listing:

  • A1 Dangerous Dave 4:16
  • A2 Van Allen's Belt 2:35
  • A3 Runaway 4:55
  • A4 Grandad 3:23
  • A5 Wings Of Thunder 3:08
  • B1 World's Eye 7:31
  • B2 Don't Let It Get You 4:28
  • B3 Disraeli's Problem 4:15
  • B4 A Canterbury Tale 4:03