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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Radioactive
  • Genre: Psychedelic
Originally released in 1975 as a private pressing on the Pomegranite Records label and was conceived and performed by the Trees Community from NYC. This gem was their only vinyl output and now finally has its first outing on CD.

Quite extraordinary religious progressive folk album that moves across time and space in a C.O.B-like manner yet never misses the beat. Dominated by three extended mindblowers that bring in deep Search Party brooding, Indian and Japanese instruments, advanced choral experiments, bells, gongs, hippie commune vibes, you name it; the shorter tracks are less eclectic and more traditionally catholic-liturgical. The constant motion from a good idea to an even better idea is reminiscent of the first Perth County Conspiracy album, if you imagine that one being about Christ instead of Shakespeare. A deeply spiritual feel emerges, yet the massive influx of ideas spells pure psychedelia for acidhead seekers. On the IQ scale this ones way up there. Recommended to fans of Search Party, Extradition, Book Of Am and similar monastery head-trips. - The Lama.
Track Listing:
1. Psalm 42 (12:28)
2. Parable of the Mustard Seed (7:15)
Part I - Below the earth
Part II - Above the earth
The Trees Chant
3. Psalm 45 (8:35)
4. Oh Little Town of Bethlehem (0:40)
5. Village Orchestra (2:40)
6. Jesus He Knows (4:47)
7. I Will Not Leave You Comfortless (1:25)
8. Chant for Pentecost (1:31)
9. Psalm 46 (2:26)