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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Radioactive
  • Genre: Psychedelic
First and only recorded offering from the singer-song writing duo of Sonny Hahn and Doug Miller that has remained largely unknown until now. The eponymous album, released in 1971 on the Jubilee Group's Euphoria label (EST1) shared much in common with their more illustrious stable mate James Taylor's first studio album which also made its appearance on Euphoria at around the same time. Taylor swiftly decamped to England where, under the stewardship of Peter Asher, a recording contract with Apple Records was negotiated, while Hahn and Miller promptly disappeared, never, it seems, to set foot in a recording studio again, which is most unfortunate as this album is another undiscovered gem. Sum Pear is not an easy album to categorise. The underlying psych influences are of a quirky British nature and there is also some outstanding heavy fuzz, particularly on Side One's Hey Sun. The cover artwork is imaginative and powerful, the song writing is serious, with thoughtful well-crafted lyrics dealing with the issues of the day from Vietnam to drugs. The acoustic guitar work is excellent, as are the dreamy and melodic vocals and harmonies. Superb sound quality is a feature throughout and the production is of a consistently high standard as Hahn and Miller, supported by an array of session musicians, deliver a highly-listenable and accomplished album which is now available on CD for the first time. Track listing: 1. What's So Bad About Feeling Good 2. Better Get Down 3. Save The Children 4. Hey Sun 5. Thoughts Of Slumber 6. Bring Me Home America 7. I Need Love 8. Down On Saturday 9. I Can see 10. Got Me Tragedy 11. On My Way - Forget Yesterday