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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Second Battle
  • Genre: Progressive

MESSAGE are one of those bands that are originally not only from Germany, but also from Britain.In 1968 bass player HORST STACHELHAUS formed with ALAN MURDOCK who had been before in several british bands like MI5 (that later became NEKTAR) - MESSAGE. MESSAGE combined the best of british heavy and progressive styles with Krautrock innovation. Firmly in the definitive BACILLUS rock style (with that unique DIETER DIERCKS sound), their debut THE DAWN ANEW IS COMIN' from 1972 shows an innovative progressive band at work. (excerpts from ‚the crack in the cosmic egg'). "

Songs / Track Listing

Seite 1 / side 1
1. Changes (3:35)
2. The Dawn A New Is Coming (8:35)
3. Evil Faith and Charity (3:55)

Seite 2 / side 2
1. Heaven Knows (9:42)
2. When I'm Home (7:40)"