creepy john thomas: brother bat bone
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  • brother bat bone (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Tapestry
  • Genre: Progressive
500 pcs limited ddition, 180gm vinyl.
Creepy John Thomas were a British band that played a kind of progressive blues-rock that still sounds fresh today! Their records (this is the second one) were released only in Germany, ensuring that their music remains largely unknown everywhere else! This album has now become a cult classic and is frantically sought after by rock historians and collectors alike. Creepy John Thomas had earlier played in the Australian Flies and went on to join The Edgar Broughton band.
Track listing:
Side 1: 1. Down In The Bottom 5:12 2. What's The Matter With The Mill 3:16 3. Brother Bat Bone 9:03
Side 2: 1. This Is My Body 3:28 2. Standin' In The Sunshine 8:34 3. 100 Lib. Noomy 2:29