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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Radioactive
  • Genre: Psychedelic

Oasis, Oasis we hear you cry..the brothers Gallagher donating rare grooves to Radioactive? Mmmm...not very likely, but...but something way better..way way better!!! Hailing from the San Francisco bay area this private pressing is the bands only known foray into the market place with maybe only 150 copies being pressed. Released in 1973 by the Cranbus label this strange artefact was in fact never released in the States but only released in Canada. For what reason I have no idea..probably it was c h e a p e r ! ! Sounding like the west cost scene all rolled into one...the A l l m a n Brothers country rock guitars, the CSN harmony song structures and a female joint lead vocal that’s straight out of Joni Mitchell ....this is progressive psychedelic folk rock, superbly crafted songs, wearing San Francisco firmly on its sleeve for all to see, space ships, cosmic love, spirits..!! Another great album that comes highly recommended
Track listing: 1. The Wake 2. Caught Away 3. Runaway Life 4. To Be Born Again 5. Indeed Candide 6. I Didn’t Like To Tell Her 7. We Are People 8. Every Way Of A Man 9. High Revs 10. The Other Side 11. Queen Of My Life