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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Radioactive
  • Genre: Psychedelic

Michael James started playing drums at age 10 and joined his first band at age 12. Motivated by rock legends like "Iggy Pop" Michael started playing guitars and writing/orchestrating songs at age 15. He has played with "popular rock /cover bar bands" and his own aggressive /alternative rock bands as well as producing "Michael Yonkers" and "Dr Fink" formerly of Princes "Revolution."

His first album "Runaway World" was released on the Private ASI label from Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1978. This is top notch Head Music. Mind numbing spaced out Psychedelic Hard Rock. Complete with Alien Voices. Moody songs, dreamy passages, great guitar, Cosmic vocals and Strange Interludes.

Michael plays all of the instruments (no automated) and sings/phrase-raps/croaks all vocals. While motivated by many "alternative" bands, Michael James is really a unique hardrock "cult following" artist sounding like nothing youve heard, as fans from around the world testify to.

Radioactive records are pleased to present "Runaway World" for the first time on CD.

Track Listing:
All The Way (2:52)
Thankyou Ted (3:28)
Guatamalan Strange (1:38)
I Remember (We Would Change the World) (3:50)
Guatamalan Radio 1988 (1:34)
Runaway World (3:50)
You Dont Walk on my Street (4:14)
Shes Got You (The World) (3:35)
Electronic Silver (0:40)
Sleepers (3:24)
Quest (6:30) a. Earth b. Mind c. Spirit
Stark Raven (0:44)
Have You Heard? (You Got Pain And You Ought Not) (3:52)
Listen, Freedom Is At Hand (4:56)